[IPython-dev] TaskController security

Michael McLay michael.j.mclay at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 17:16:07 EST 2008

Some experimentation with the TaskController in the ipython1 trunk has
been very encouraging. It looks like a great tool for managing a queue
of tasks that need to be executed on a cluster, or even distributed to
a bunch of workstations in an office. TaskController seems to do a
decent job of scheduling the execution of tasks without any tweeking
required. Thanks for making the software available. It was very easy
to get the software to work with our software.  Almost too easy. I am
puzzled that there is almost nothing written on using TaskController.
Also, the development seems to have stopped. Is development completed
and documentation simply not necessary?

What are the security recommendations for using ipython1? How can an
application protect the RemoteController and a TaskController used to
parcel out tasks on a local network? It looks like a rogue application
could simply connection to the RemoteController and corrupt data on
any engine connected to the controller. The following email suggests
work was planned to add security to ipython1:


The mailing list archive was cold on the subject after that thread and
the word security only exists in the twisted portion of the source
tree. What was planned and what happened to those plans?

Any leads on adding security would be appreciated? Where you going to
use Twisted's security to manage access to controllers?

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