[IPython-dev] frontend plans

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 03:12:29 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 10:27 PM, Gael Varoquaux
<gael.varoquaux at normalesup.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 05:37:44PM -0700, Fernando Perez wrote:
>> - Gael: as Brian asked, what are your design parameters regarding GUI
>> blocking?  If you put the exec calls in a thread (like ipython
>> -Xthread does) you have some hope of interface responsiveness, if you
>> put them in a process you get full GUI responsiveness at the cost of
>> other complexities.  Are you OK with a non-responsive GUI while exec()
>> is busy?
> I thought I had laid this out clearly: yes I am OK with that.

Thanks.  I was pretty much sure that's what you meant, but with all
the back and forth, there was a tiny bit of confusion left in my
brain, thanks for the clarification.

>> - Zope interfaces: what do they exactly bring us?  Nose uses
>> interfaces in a non-enforcing way by making them pure python classes
>> that are meant to document behavior but *not* to be subclassed.
>> Perhaps we could have something similar for the pure python version
>> and then a ZI version for the rest of the twisted layer:
> I am fine with Zope interfaces, we can imbed the files.

As Brian pointed out, they bring in a C dependency we'd rather avoid
if we can (and if it can be avoided with minimal cost).  Barry
outlined the solution with more detail than my flaky sketch, and I
don't see any problem with that approach, so I think we can use that.

> I am fine with all you said up here. Your summary of the situation is
> good, and I am happy with the way things turn out. I'll be on Mayavi
> sprint this week, so pretty much off line for this discussin, sorry, but
> I like the way everything sounds.
> Thanks guys,

Well, thanks to you for having the patience to sort all of this!  Good
luck with the Mayavi week, let us know how it all goes!  In the
meantime, we've got plenty to stay busy here :)



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