[IPython-dev] furls

Darren Dale dsdale24 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 13:37:36 EDT 2008

On Wednesday 09 July 2008 12:45:28 pm you wrote:
> Here is a bit more about how this works.  The FURL stuff is new and we
> are working on the docs for it.  As you can see, you have caught us
> right _before_ a stable release ;-)
> How are you staring the controller and engines?

I was just running the examples in the doc/examples/kernel directory, like:

python helloworld.py

> When the controller is started (either through ipcontroller or
> ipcluster, which calls ipcontroller on localhost), it should write the
> furl files to the ~./ipython dir on _that_ machine.  If the engines or
> clint is running on a different machine, you will need to move the
> furl files to the ~./ipython dir on the machine that the client or
> engine is running on.
> The error you are getting makes it look like the controller is running
> on a different machine that the client and that the furl file for the
> client has not been moved to the ~./ipython dir of the clients host.
> Just to make sure everything is working, can you try to stat the
> controller and engines on localhost using:
> ipcluster -n 4
> And then try to run helloworld.py on that same host?

Ok. I didn't realize I had to run ipcluster first. Sorry for the trouble. 
Maybe a readme in examples/kernel would help provide a gentle introduction to 
new users.


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