[IPython-dev] IPython development: course adjustment required

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 02:46:59 EDT 2008

On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 8:24 PM, John Hunter <jdh2358 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 9:55 PM, Fernando Perez <fperez.net at gmail.com> wrote:
>> So, any comments?  We'd like to move forward *quickly* with this idea.
>> We'd try to make a series of much more frequent releases, one for each
>> key component we add in, so that little by little the baby can
>> actually grow.   There will be an initial period where I would prepare
>> the ground in ip0 for the ip1 components to land in while Brian
>> finishes a couple of things he has in his local branch, but we're
>> talking a couple of weeks, not years.


> So I think your proposal is the right one.

Thanks for the feedback.  MPL is a project I thought a lot about,
because we've talked many times about your refactoring experiences
there.  So your perspective is actually very welcome on this front,
thanks.  Michael D. has done a superhuman job on MPL, but it's also
true that working off something that works is always more rewarding
and easier psychologically.  I think I vastly underestimated the
importance of that.



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