[IPython-dev] RFC: Launchpad, Trac and bugs

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 17:10:58 EDT 2008

Hi folks,

we'll see what we end up doing with the recent bzr history, but the
fact that we're moving to bzr/launchpad for all code work is now a
done deal.  What I'd like to do is to solicit a bit of feedback on
what to do with bug tracking, because there I'm a bit less decided.
We have informally discussed this already in bits and pieces, but now
I'd like to make a final decision.

The options seem to be:

1. Keep using Trac for all bugs.  Launchpad even explicitly supports
linking all bug reports for a project to an external tracker (we'd
have to register the IPython Trac somehow, but that should be easy).

2. Move to the Launchpad bug system for all new bugs.  We could keep
existing open tickets on Trac and gradually close them, but mark the
main page indicating that no new bugs should be filed there.

#2 has the advantage of integrating with the rest of  Launchpad a
little better, and this ties us in with other projects, the Ubuntu
package database, etc.  But I have to  admit that so far, I like Trac
much more than Launchpad for project management/bug tracking.  For all
of SVN's flaws, trac is actually really nice and usable, while the
Launchpad site's web interface is very, very clunky.  Simple things
take a lot of clicking around to do, their documentation is hideous,
etc.  I love the hosting that launchpad provides, but the system feels
very, very immature in terms of everyday usability.

On the flip side, launchpad has lots of use, hence one hopes lots of
development, while I worry that Trac seems to be slowing down (0.11
isn't even out yet, and it has been in that state for a looong time).

So I'd like to hear opinions on the most sensible approach forward.
One way or another we'll keep all filed tickets we have on both
systems, so it's just a matter of deciding, and appropriately
informing our users, what the *official* system will be in the future.



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