[IPython-dev] IMPORTANT: Branches merged on launchpad, updates required.

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 01:25:00 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I was able to do a merge of the old SVN history along with the work
done from February until today on the stable-dev branch.  Now the main
branch you download from Launchpad contains the entire project history
since the first SVN commit, at least for the trunk (the first 3+ years
of history were on CVS and I was dumb enough to lose them in the
transition to SVN.  Oh well.).

But please note: you need to re-download IPython from launchpad,
whether you use bzr just to track the tunk or to develop.  Please run

bzr branch lp:ipython

to get the trunk out.  This is the web page for the trunk:


Note that while the 990 commit swallowed the entire history of the
stable-dev branch,  that is only the case when viewing it via the
launchpad web interface.  If you get the branch and view it locally
(with bzr viz, for example), you'll see the whole history with
individual commits.

To developers: please remember the worfklow guidelines from


and please update/improve that page if my instructions were in any way
incorrect (I'm just now really getting the hang of a good bzr

I have marked the stable-dev branch as "merged", so it doesn't appear
by default anymore in most displays at launchpad, but it was NOT
deleted (and it won't), it's still here for reference:


So it seems we're fully off SVN!  Welcome to the great bright world of
DVCS everyone :)



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