[IPython-dev] Development on Launchpad, odds and ends

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 14:46:17 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 9:23 AM, Brian Granger <ellisonbg.net at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for tackling all this Fernando, it needed to be done but it
> sounds like it was a bit painful.

Thanks for the kind words.  It wasn't too much fun, and part of it is
that the lp web interface is really not very helpful in certain spots.
 But my ignorance of certain aspects of the tools obviously was the
main problem.

In the end it worked pretty well I think, and we didn't end up losing
any history, which is the key point.  The web view is fundamentally
not very good since it doesn't know how to show true branches, but at
least the full history *is* there (bzr log/viz show it all).  This is
much better than the alternative of just dumping in a big commit
message with the old log but no real merge step-by-step history.

> I will be merging ipython1-fc into ipython1-dev very soon.  The
> ipython1-dev branch will probably remain for quite a long time as it
> will have all the ipython1 code that is being brought over into
> IPython and that will take a while, for some of the more unstable
> portions (like the notebook).  There are also some other ipython1
> branches that I will 1) either merge into ipython1-dev eventually or
> 2) delete.

Sounds like a perfect plan, thanks.
> This sounds great.  After I merge ipython1-fc into ipython1-dev, I
> will begin to pull ipython1-dev things into IPython (in a branch).
> Because both of us will be doing pretty heavy things to IPython, lets
> make sure we do lots of pushes back to IPython.  We can coordinate
> this further when I start to do this.


> My initial merging of ipython1 -> IPython will look like this:
> ipython1.config -> IPython.config
> ipython1.kernel -> IPython.kernel
> ipython1.core -> IPython.kernel.core
> ipython1.external -> IPython.external (we will need to coordinate this
> as some of the externals are already in IPython.
> There will be lots of little things to merge in (docs, setup.py) as well.


> The code in these parts of ipython1 are very well tested and are
> fairly stable.  The other parts of ipython1 (notebook, daemon,
> frontend) are less stable and will need to be transitions over to
> appropriate branches IPython trunk development.

I'm thinking first and foremost about how to do better testing on
trunk, so we can painlessly absorb all existing ip1 tests, AND improve
our testing practices for the old code as well.  That will be my
immediate focus for the time I can devote to ipython in the coming

> I have a good start on a rst based developer guidelines in ipython1
> that we an bring into IPython and merge with the info on the moin
> page.

Great.  Soon we should also think about a way to reduce the wiki/docs
duplication.  The new work on the numpy docs wiki site could be a
start.  But let's go with what we have for now: that might be a topic
for a sprint at scipy, to generalize that machinery for other projects
to use.

>> IPython0/1 are dead.  Long live IPython! ;)
> Yes!

I should close this by giving a huge thanks to everyone not only for
recent feedback, but especially for keeping the project alive and
moving despite the difficult split created by my short-sightedness.
In particular, if it weren't for Ville's steady pushing of the trunk,
I'm afraid we wouldn't have a live project to merge again back into,
and if it weren't for Brian and Min's patience on endless discussions
with me for ip1, we would have nothing to bring :)  So really, thanks
to all for helping this stay alive and interesting, now we'll move



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