[IPython-dev] RFC: Launchpad, Trac and bugs

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 15:45:33 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 10:05 AM, Brian Granger <ellisonbg.net at gmail.com> wrote:

>> The options seem to be:
>> 1. Keep using Trac for all bugs.  Launchpad even explicitly supports
>> linking all bug reports for a project to an external tracker (we'd
>> have to register the IPython Trac somehow, but that should be easy).
> -1
>> 2. Move to the Launchpad bug system for all new bugs.  We could keep
>> existing open tickets on Trac and gradually close them, but mark the
>> main page indicating that no new bugs should be filed there.
> +1
>> #2 has the advantage of integrating with the rest of  Launchpad a
>> little better, and this ties us in with other projects, the Ubuntu
>> package database, etc.  But I have to  admit that so far, I like Trac
>> much more than Launchpad for project management/bug tracking.  For all
>> of SVN's flaws, trac is actually really nice and usable, while the
>> Launchpad site's web interface is very, very clunky.  Simple things
>> take a lot of clicking around to do, their documentation is hideous,
>> etc.  I love the hosting that launchpad provides, but the system feels
>> very, very immature in terms of everyday usability.
> I agree with your assesment of Trac vs launchpad in this respect - but
> launchpad development seems to be moving fast and we can always give
> them feedback about the interface.  Given the fact that we are moving
> to a development model that has many branches, I think it is really
> important to be able to associate tickets with branches and have
> everything integrated.  So many of the things that make Trac nice for
> tickets (timeline, code browser, etc) will go away with our code on
> launchpad.  Plus, I don't like the idea of people going to our Trac
> site - one of the main ways I assess an open source project is to look
> at their Trac timeline.  Our timeline will be empty, giving the
> misleading impression that IPython is dead.  Also, keeping Trac around
> means that we are loosing one of the biggest benefits of launchpad -
> that we don't have to do any admin.

Unless anyone else objects, we'll do #2 then.  That was also the
opinion of Gael and Stefan while at the Paris sprint, and hanging our
hat on a possibly-dying project doesn't sound like a very good idea.
As you correctly point out, we can always give lp feedback on the more
glaring problems, and I'm sure with all the use it's getting, it will
improve over time.

I'll update the Trac wiki a bit later to reflect this then, yell if
you disagree.



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