[IPython-dev] The merge has begun...

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 16:11:08 EDT 2008


I have created a ipython-ipython1a branch as the first ("a") branch
that is being used to merge ipython1-dev into IPython.  I wanted to
keep people posted on what exactly I am doing.

I am hoping that there will be a series of branches with names like
ipython-ipython1a, ipython-ipython1b, etc.  Each of these will be used
to merge new things from ipython1-dev into IPython.


Here is what is going on in ipython-ipython1a:

1) Moved the following by hand

ipython1.config -> IPython.config
ipython1.kernel -> IPython.kernel
ipython1.external/* -> IPython.external/* (removing repetitions)
ipython1.core -> IPython.kernel.core
ipython1.testutils -> IPython.testing
ipython1.tools -> IPython.tools

2) Moved IPython.tools.guid -> IPython1.external.guid

3) Renamed:

ipython1 -> IPython
IPython.core -> IPython.kernel.core
IPython.testutils -> IPython.testing

These subpackages that have been moved into IPython are relatively
stable and well tested and will immediately give IPython all of the
parallel computing capabilties of IPython1.

The next things I am going to do in this branch is get the setup.py
script (and friends into good condition).  This is the only thing that
is a little scary, as I will be doing quite a bit of refactoring.
When I am done with this and ready to merge back into the mainline
ipython branch, I will let people know and request lots of testing.

After I get these things done, I will merge into ipython and then make
a new branch to begin cleaning up other things.  Next on my scopes:

1) Merge the documentation for the two projects.

2) Clean up and merge other misc things like COPYRIGHT, etc.

IMPORTANT: I am not going to touch, reorganize or refactor any of the
"old" stuff in the ipython branch.  I don't know this codebase well
and I will leave that to other who know that stuff well.  My goal is
to get things from ipython1 -> ipython as quickly as possible to end
this transition.

The truly curious, can subscribe to this branch and follow what I am doing.



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