[IPython-dev] Synchronization with Editor

Vivian De Smedt vivian at vdesmedt.com
Sat Jun 7 03:32:06 EDT 2008

Dear All,

Just to tell you that I just push my "synchronize-editor" branch.

Again for the one that don't know the purpose of this submission the 
goal of it is to let you ask to IPython to synchronize itself with an 
external editor.

If the hook is set:

    * When IPython raise an uncaught exception the hook synchronize the
      external editor to the line IPython highlight
    * When IPython navigate through the stack in debug mode the hook
      synchronize the external editor to highlight the corresponding
      part of the code.

To set the hook just import the corresponding ip_synchronize_with_xxx 
extension in your ip_user.conf file.
I have developed six hooks for six different editors:

    * Scite (ip_synchronize_with_scite.py)
    * GVim (ip_synchronize_with_gvim.py)
    * Emacs (ip_synchronize_with_emacs.py)
    * Notepad++ (ip_synchronize_with_nppp.py)
    * PsPad (ip_synchronize_with_pspad.py)
    * UltraEdit (ip_synchronize_with_ue.py)

The hook are developed on the Windows platform and some of they code is 
specific to that platform.
In particular the small part of the code that give back the focus to the 
console after the synchronization with the editor took place but it 
should be possible to adapt it for Linux. I don't have a Linux box and 
I'm not in the best position to make it but I'll be glad to help.

Please tell me what you think of this proposition.


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