[IPython-dev] IPython.fronend progress

Barry Wark barrywark at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 01:46:35 EDT 2008


I hope you don't mind me cc-ing this to the list, in case anyone else
is curious.

You'll need Mac OS X 10.5 and the Apple Developer Tools (Xcode >=
3.0), which come with the OS (or can be downloaded from
developer.apple.com). You can play with the frontend by getting the
ipython-frontend branch from launchpad ('bzr branch
lp:~barrywark/ipython/ipython-frontend'). The demo application depends
on ipython-frontend being installed in the system site-packages, so
install ('sudo setupegg.py install' or 'sudo setupegg.py develop' in
the ipython-frontend/ directory) the ipython-frontend branch. On OS X
10.5, it's best to use setuptools to make sure that the
ipython-frontend installation plays nicely with Apple's system python.
Once installed, you can open the Xcode project file in
Running the project from within Xcode _should_ (fingers crossed!)
start the demo frontend.

You'll quickly find that the Cocoa frontend is still quite rough
around the edges. For example, failures are not rendered very
intelligently. There may be many other rendering/UI errors in my text
view-related code. There's also no way to cancel a long-running task
(except by quitting the app), there's no easy way to start an IPython
cluster via Xgrid (though that's an obvious thing to do).... the list
goes on. It's intended (at this point) as just a proof-of-concept for
the frontend package. Eventually, I would like to get away from the
CLI-based frontend and move to a more notebook-like interface.


On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 7:58 PM, Gael Varoquaux
<gael.varoquaux at normalesup.org> wrote:
> Hi Barry,
> Just a quick question: how can we try out your work (on an Apple box,
> obviously)?
> Cheers,
> Gaël

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