[IPython-dev] Moving pyreadline to launchpad

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 19:26:51 EDT 2008


On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 1:13 PM, Jörgen Stenarson
<jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu> wrote:

> Argh, this is frustrating. The full dump worked better. But I had to change
> svn2bzr to open files in binary mode. But then it barfs when there is a
> Node-action: change in the dump file. Apparently svn2bzr does not support
> the full dump file format or there is some other problem. Can you run
> svn2bzr on the dumpfile without problems?
> I could try the other svn2bzr branch which is supposed to work directly on
> the repo. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. Well I did a quick test
> but that branch crashes hard when I try to work directly to the repo on
> ipython.scipy.org. Perhaps we could try to do the tarball of the whole repo.
> It seems these more advanced problems are tricky to do on windows. I sure
> hope it is easier to work with bzr in a normal situation.

OK, in order to give you all the possible options, I just made a dump
of the raw filesystem directory containing the repo:


This file is 14MB.  I hope one of these works...



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