[IPython-dev] ipython1 on launchpad

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 18:19:11 EST 2008

Hi all,

we're here at Enthought working on various ipython/scipy/sage related
things, and we'll begin testing Launchpad/bzr for the ipython1 work
now.   In a few weeks of use for ipython1 this will give us a good
amount of real world experience with bzr, and in the meantime
Enthought will look at their setup and possibilities regarding hg
hosting with migration of the existing Trac database.

After the Paris sprint (March 22-23), we can look into either starting
to use launchpad/bzr or Enthought/hg/trac, based on the experience
from all of us (Ville and Brian had already started using Launchpad a
few days ago).

If we go with Launchpad, we'll need to look into a way of migrating
the existing Trac database, if possible.  It would be nice to have
closer integration between the bug tracking and the code, though for
now we'll continue to use Trac as is.

So bear with us for a few weeks while the code is a bit all over the
place.  For now, we'll continue to update the regular SVN trunk and
ipython1 branches at ipython.scipy.org, so that those following SVN
don't need to track our madness.



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