[IPython-dev] About IPython and bzr

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Mon Mar 10 19:11:15 EDT 2008

Ville M. Vainio пишет:
> My recently-from-scratch installed IPython stable-dev (what used to be
> called trunk/) is now very easy to check out from launchpad:
> bzr branch lp:ipython
> One note though: NEVER CHECK IN SYMLINKS. I can't stress this enough.
> Windows bzr does not support symlinks (even in a half-assed way like
> svn), at least not yet, and I don't know whether such a checkin can be
> reverted.

`bzr uncommit` allows to uncommit several revisions.
Or you can use `bzr branch xxx yyy -r N`, where N -- revision before
checkin with symlink.

> So essentially, if there is even one checkin with symlink, I
> would need to delete the branch and check it in again from local copy.

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