[IPython-dev] A few notes on threading+GUI event loops in Ipython1

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 23:21:48 EDT 2008


With all the recent activity about GUi event loops + threading, I
figured I would jot down a few notes about the current state of GUI
event loop integration within IPython1.

1) The IPython1 engine/core can be run in two different modes: with
the twisted event loop (typically when it runs in another process) or
without it.

Thus, we will need to have support for GUI event loop integration that
works for both of these cases.

2)  If the twisted event loop is running, one option is to use one of
the twisted reactors like the wxreactor.

But, we will need to carefully study if these reactors really work
(there seems to be some evidence that there are problems).

3) The issue of threads in the IPython1 engine could get _very_
complicated (much more so even that the treading in ipython0).  Part
of the problem is that there is simply many more possibilities for how
the ipython1 engine can be run.  It is probably too early to tackle
these things, but we are getting close to needing to think about these


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