[IPython-dev] sphinx documentation for ipython1

Ondrej Certik ondrej at certik.cz
Sat Mar 22 23:41:33 EDT 2008


I committed a nice sphinx based documentation to the ipython1-doc
branch. You can try it out for example by:

$ bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ipython/ipython/ipython1-doc
$ cd ipython1-doc/docs
$ make html
$ epiphany _build/html/index.html

(Use your favourite browser instead of epiphany).

The "make html" will download Sphinx from the net (so you need to have
an internet connection) and puts it into the sphinx directory in the
current dir. Subsequent invocations of "make html" will reuse it. I
suggest you to browse the history of my commits to see what exact
changes I had to do in order to make all this work.

The changes broke the pdf generation - this would have to be fixed,
but I suggest to get at least the html documentation right and
polished, only then try to fix the pdf generation.
Also the Sphinx framework should be able to generate pdf files too.

Unfortunately it took my almost the whole night to fix all things
(it's 4:40am), so I won't be able to help much with ipython on Sunday,
as I will have to work on other things. But I'll be available if you
need to explain anything regarding my patches.

Enjoy hacking at Gaels,

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