[IPython-dev] twisted process pool...

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Thu May 8 12:51:09 EDT 2008

> This work might be relevant for IPython1
>  http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/browser/sandbox/dialtone/process_pool

Thanks, I hadn't seen this.  I really like the AMP protocol, but I
don't think it is well suited to what we are doing with IPython1.  For
reference the project has moved to


>  Also, any further thinking been done on the integration of the twisted
>  event loop with pyreadline?  More generally stated, I guess the question
>  really is, how hard is it to make pyreadline asynchronous (give it
>  cycles based on select or its new/better/different implementation epoll)

I am not the one to comment on this, but I do think people have begun
to think about this.  It would probably be in ipython1/frontend.  But
I don't think people have gotten very far yet.  Also, pyreadline is
Windows only, so I think you are referring to a pyreadline that
doesn't yet exist?

That said, here is my take on this.  Our model in ipython1 is that the
core/kernel of ipython1 will provide the methods that something like
readline (or the GUI equivalent) will need to call when certain things
are triggered.  The core/kernel will provide both blocking versions of
these methods and fully asynchronous versions (that return deferreds).

It will be up to the people who are writting frontends (IPython GUIs
or terminals) to plug into whatever mechanism that exist (readline for
the terminal, events for GUIs) for their context.  Of course, much of
the logic will be the same for all of these things, which is where (I
think) we will need something like a new pyreadline.  And yes, it
would need to be able to handle both asynchronous and blocking
situations.  I think Barry Wark has possibly begun to work on some of
this in the ipython1-cocoa branch - something like frontendbase.py?

Hope this helps, but I will say that we are not focused on this side
of things right now.  But we do have the design pieces in our heads.


>  Lately this has become a broader issue (for me at least) because similar
>  issues exist with Rpy... so I might be digging into this anyway...
>  -glenn
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