[IPython-dev] Merging my branch

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 18:52:09 EDT 2008


I just finished fixing a bunch of bugs (working in my trunk-dev)
branch.  In terms of code + features + test suite, I think things are
looking good for the 0.9 release.  I have tested everything on OS X,
XP and Vista.  Have not done any Linux tests though.

I am going to switch gears and begin working on updating docs.

I would like to merge all the commits in my branch and am willing to
wait for code review....but I do want to do the merge sooner rather
than later, so people can try out trunk, or maybe we can even put out
an rc2 on Monday before the release on Wed.

Here is my plan:  I am going to merge my branch sometime after 9 pm
PDT on Sat (tomorrow).  If anyone wants to review things before that,
that would be great.

PS - thanks to _everyone_ in all the work that has gone into this
release.  It is really cool to be able to run our test suite using
iptest and see over 400 passing tests on all the major platforms!!!



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