[IPython-dev] My branch is merged

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 03:32:28 EDT 2008


Gael reviewed by branch this afternoon and not having my commits in
trunk (mainly the bug fixes on Win32) was causing him grief.

Thus, I have merged my branch into trunk.

After chatting with Gael today,  I think it is important to get his
branch merged before 0.9 as is contains quite a number of bug fixes
for the new wx frontend...so, here is the plan:

* Gael is finishing testing and squashing bugs in his branch related
to the new wx frontend

* When this is done, we will do a quick code review of Gael's branch

* We will merge Gael's branch into trunk and then we should be ready
to go for the 0.9 release.

* We will need to do some testing of everything once all this is done (on M/T).



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