[IPython-dev] Status of summer work on IPython

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 20:01:48 EDT 2009

Hello all,

My summer work on IPython is progressing nicely and I wanted to give
everyone a status update in case you aren't following the branches.  Here is
where we are today:

1.  IPython's modules and packages have been completely re-organized.  This
branch was just merged into trunk and should really help us to get our code
base in better shape.

2.  I just put up a branch "inputhook" for review.  This is a complete
refactor of IPython's integration with GUI event loop that uses the
PyOS_InputHook.  This is a huge improvement over the previous situation and
give us:


* Ctrl-C that just works
* You can dynamically select, turn-off, swtich the enabled GUI toolkit at
runtime.  It should not be possible to support these things in packages like
* You can in some cases get multple GUI toolkits working.  On the Mac, I can
do Wx+Qt4 with no problems.  This (as expected) though is a bit subtle and
depends on lots of things.

We are still finalizing the API for all of this, but the core capabilties
are ready for people to being playing with.  My goal is to merge this
quickly so I can finalize the API with people at SciPy.

3.  In a new branch, I have been setting the new foundation for a refactored
IPython.  This is very exciting work and it should give us a very solid
framework for developing IPython forward.  Some of the highlights:
Traitlets, Component, Application, ConfigLoader, oh my!  This is not ready
for public consumption yet, but feel free to have a look at where I am
headed with this.





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