[IPython-dev] Patch for broken debugger

Erik Tollerud erik.tollerud at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 21:51:59 EST 2009

I decided to try out the bzr version of ipython again and it looks
great except for continued problems using the %debug magic ... this
time, instead of getting nothing, I get an exception due to the debug
handler trying to make use of the __IPYTHON__ builtin which I
understand has been removed in .11 ... This seemed like an easy fix,
so I went in and replaced __IPYTHON__ with a reference to the current
shell instance (assigned in the Pdb.__init__ from ipapi.get() ).
Problem is, apparently the debugger expects the shell to be an
InteractiveShellEmbed, which has a set_completer_frame method.  So I
added a method to the Pdb class that emulates the presence of
set_completer_frame, and now all of a sudden the debugger works
perfect. But I have no idea what unintended consequences this might
have (and am confused why set_completer_frame is not present in the
first place, or in InteractiveShell)...

At any rate, attached is a patch that seems to work for me (made with
bzr send).  In general, what's the best way to submit patches/fixes -
via this list, the launchpad bug tracker, or a personal launchpad
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