[IPython-dev] Hum... tried to merge gael branch...

Laurent Dufréchou ldufrechou at marport.com
Wed Feb 11 16:21:16 EST 2009

I've tried to merge gael branch into mine to keep it's frontend in
sync with my wx-gui.
(Is it the "way ti do it?" or do I need to wait 0.10 merging?)
Sadly the effects where (seen so far :) ):

R * scripts/wxIpython => scripts/ipython-wx
   * IPython/gui/wx/wxIPython.py

/script/wxIPython to have been erased and a new one appeared
ipython-wx.(that don't work because don't got a def main())
/Ipython/gui/wx/wxIPython.py has been chmoded -x :(
(what does the little '*' means? if you don't know will google :))

So: 1) can I keep my chmod +x ? it so easier, and I want it! :p
       2) If you want to rename the script name,  should we warn
package maintainer? (I've seen a recent mail from debian maintainer
requesting doc)
            Is it automatic? For the def main(), well no problem I can
add something to support that.


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