[IPython-dev] Careful about locks on lp/bzr

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 19:42:30 EST 2009


I just went to push to trunk after I did a merge and got this:

Unable to obtain lock lp-45628560:///~ipython-dev/ipython/trunk/.bzr/branch/lock
held by villemvainio at bazaar.launchpad.net on host crowberry [process #12127]
locked 28 hours, 57 minutes ago
Will continue to try until 00:37:10, unless you press Ctrl-C
If you're sure that it's not being modified, use bzr break-lock
bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock "(remote lock)"

I went ahead and did the break-lock thing.  But in the future, let's
be careful not to put locks on trunk.  So, next question - how does
this happen in the first place?



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