[IPython-dev] IPython <-> PuDB integration

Andreas Klöckner lists at informa.tiker.net
Thu Jul 9 20:01:20 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm the author of PuDB [1], a full-screen, console-based visual debugger for 
Python. I've recently (0.92.6) added support for using IPython as an 
interactive shell, prompted by a user's request.

[1] http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pudb

Now that gave me an idea. The IPython web page mentions that IPython can 
optionally drop to Python's pdb debugger. If a user has PuDB installed, you 
could offer an option to drop into PuDB instead, resulting in an arguably 
nicer debugging experience (I'm biased, though). As of 0.92.7 (hot off the 
presses) PuDB offers the same programming interface as pdb--just replace 'pdb' 
with 'pudb'.

I hope this suggestion meets with your approval. :)

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