[IPython-dev] fixing warnings in python2.6

Ondrej Certik ondrej at certik.cz
Tue Mar 17 00:28:13 EDT 2009

> Nice!  I'd be happy to play with it, if it can:
> - handle doctests in extension modules

What exactly do you mean here? Like doctests in cython or C modules?

> - handle doctests written with ipython prompts (or be taught how to
> via a plugin, like I had to do for nose)

Good point, I created an issue for it:


> - easily be told how to run just one file, or even just one function
> inside one file:

it uses the py.test like syntax, e.g.

./test IPython/tests/test_magic.py
./test IPython/tests/test_magic.py -k test_obj_del

> - How to ignore random output in doctests, either in just one entry or
> for the whole doctest, but still executing the code

Nice idea, added to the issue above.

> - Stop at the first failure

Nice idea, added to the issue.

> - Load pdb interactively on failures, so I can debug things right there.

Yep, it uses post mortem debugging if --pdb is specified, if this is
what you mean.

> Does it have those things?  Nose ain't perfect, but it's pretty darn
> useful even without green 'ok' printouts ;)

[ok] is very important for me. :)


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