[IPython-dev] Looking towards 0.10...

Tfetherston at aol.com Tfetherston at aol.com
Wed Mar 18 22:33:00 EDT 2009

Haven't been keeping up with the list lately so I just noticed that you are  
looking to put out a 0.10.  My branch only has changes to demo.py and  it does 
three things:
1. Cause demo generated ansi escapes to be interpreted by pyreadline so  they 
work on windows machines instead of appearing as strange characters in the  
window shell.
2. Tests for platform and uses cls for windows, clear for others so the  
ClearMixin's work on all jplatforms.
3. Reworks Demo's __init__ so it can take file and file-like objects in  
addition to just filenames to create Demo instances from.
I did the latter to support creating/storing demos from stringio objects  
kept in a Leo Workbook, with an eye to adding direct demo illustration of the  
"Dive into Python" web book.
I also created a file called demoExercizer.py that makes it convenient to  
see these changes in action.  This is not meant to be part of the  distribution.
A full branch is probably over kill for two files, but I'm new to all  this.
Tested this on windows XP and Ubuntu.
I like to propose these changes for review and inclusion in 0.10
Tom Fetherston
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