[IPython-dev] Update on status of trunk (things to do for 0.10)

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 00:35:03 EDT 2009

I wanted to let everyone know that I have temporarily disabled the
ipdoctest nose plugin in lp:ipython (trunk).  The loading of this
plugin is causing the odd Twisted errors/failures we have been seeing
in iptest.  I don't know the code in ipdoctest.py at all, so Fernando
and I will probably have to go at this together in a few days. With
this minor change though, the test suite passes completely if the
appropriate dependencies are installed.

Here is a slightly modified version of Fernando's recent list of where
we stand with trunk currently:

1. Clean up the test suite so that in an empty environment, it runs to
completion (though obviously skipping things that may test twisted,
numpy or anything else not part of the stdlib).

2. Debug the ipdoctest plugin and its unhappiness with some aspect of Twisted.

3. The memory leak/lost references bug (and clarify whether it could
be a core Python bug).

My only question (this is probably for Fernando) about (1) is this.  I
can go in and clean up by hand the import errors.  But, do we want to
come up with a more formal method of handling these types of errors in
our test suite.  My only hesitancy is about automating this is that we
might end up skipping tests that are actually failing.  Thoughts?



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