[IPython-dev] Status of pre-0.10 reviews and merges

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 17:34:53 EDT 2009


Things have gone quite for a while now and I wanted to see where we
stand on getting ready for 0.10.  There are 7 merge proposals listed


Of these 4 seem to be in process and 3 are in need of review.

What is the status of the 4 branches that have already been reviewed,
but are in need to fixing and/or further review?

Of the 3 branches that need review, which are targeted for 0.10?

I can partially answer this:

* My branch does need to be reviewed and merged before 0.10.

I don't know about the other branches.

Is there anything else that needs to happen before 0.10 is released?

Again, I can give a partial answer...

* Everyone who has had branches merged, needs to update the "what's
new in ipython" document with information about what they did.

* Fernando and I need to sort out the ipdoctest nose extension and the
problems that it is causing with some of our Twisted tests.

I want to get these things resolved quickly as I am being paid to work
on IPython during April these pending merges are currently holding me
up.  This is because I am going to start making MAJOR changes that
will make it extremely difficult if not impossible to merge branches
that are children of our current "trunk."  We don't need to release
0.10 for me to get started with this work, but we do need to get these
branches merged before I branch.

If you are working on reviews or branches related to 0.10 please let
us know where you stand and a timeframe for finishing up.



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