[IPython-dev] Terminal-based frontend

Wendell Smith wackywendell at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 16:03:49 EDT 2010

  Hi all!

I'm still working steadily away at a terminal frontend with fancy stuff 
like input coloring, auto-help, auto-complete, etc. - I was calling it 
'curses-based' earlier, but now that its urwid-based, it isn't based on 
the curses library... but its the same idea. If you want to look at my 
progress, please use 'git clone 
git://github.com/wackywendell/ipyurwid.git', and follow the directions 
in the README.

Anyways, although there is plenty still to do with the widgets, it's 
come far enough for me to start worrying about integrating into ipython. 
I haven't touched that as I've been waiting for the dust to settle 
around pyzmq, but... I think its time.

What I'm looking for ideally is a ipython-frontend class I can use that 
lets me send and receive input/output, and also has methods for running 
help on an object, source lookup, completion possibilities for a word, 
etc. I noticed the old frontend classes are gone; what are the plans to 
replace them? I'd be happy to be involved with that, too, if that would 
be helpful - but I don't want to step on anyone's toes, and also there 
are, I'm sure, a lot of different things that are wanted out of that... 
what's the status on that? How could I be helpful there?

Let me know...


P.S. I sent this yesterday, but I didn't even receive it from the list, 
so I'm sending it again. I apologize to anyone who receives it twice...
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