[IPython-dev] Full input syntax support finished and ready for review/merge

Wendell Smith wackywendell at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 23:50:48 EDT 2010

  Wow, that sounds excellent! I won't have time to look at it until next 
week, but that sounds like it will be fun to play with!


On 08/17/2010 06:47 PM, Fernando Perez wrote:
> Hi all (esp. frontend authors),
> In this branch
> http://github.com/fperez/ipython/tree/blockbreaker
> I've now completed a functional first pass on complete IPython input
> support, so that frontends can convert statically all 'ipython syntax'
> that can be determined statically.  This includes all escapes (%, ?,
> !, !!, etc) plus things like 'a =! ls' and removal of python/ipython
> prompts from pasted input.
> Rather than being a mess of multiple little functions scattered all
> over ipython and interleaved with execution, logging, etc, everything
> now is in a single file:
> http://github.com/fperez/ipython/blob/blockbreaker/IPython/core/inputsplitter.py
> and it's got a solid set of tests:
> http://github.com/fperez/ipython/blob/blockbreaker/IPython/core/tests/test_inputsplitter.py
> which give 100% test coverage:
> (blockbreaker)amirbar[tests]>  nosetests --with-coverage --cover-erase
> --with-doctest --cover-package=IPython.core.inputsplitter
> IPython.core.inputsplitter test_inputsplitter.py
> Name                         Stmts   Exec  Cover   Missing
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> IPython.core.inputsplitter     240    240   100%
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ran 57 tests in 0.132s
> OK
> So a few things:
> - from anyone: code review/feedback is welcome before I proceed to
> merge this.  The only significant feature missing is probably the
> creation of a couple of objects to provide extensibility for user
> input filters, but I want to delay that until we land this in real
> use, so we see better what the right interface should be.  For now,
> frontends have a tool they can use and their part of the API should be
> pretty stable (modulo any fixes that may be pointed in review).
> - from frontend authors: let me know if using this gives you any
> troubles, or if you see any missing feature that could make your life
> easier.
> This took a lot of work, but it's a major, critical chunk of ipython
> that is now well isolated, specified and tested.  Since so much of
> what we do is provide extended syntax for daily use, rationalizing
> this was long overdue and I'm glad we took the time to do it right.
> This will let us shed tons of tricky, untestable codepaths.
> I should note that I didn't write this completely from scratch: while
> the code architecture is new, I reused all the existing little
> functions that did the low-level work (especially many tricky
> regexps).  But as I integrated those, I added tests for each and every
> line.  This gives us the benefit of a clean rethinking, without having
> gotten trapped into a 'second system syndrome' madness.
> On to the kernel :)
> Cheers,
> f
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