[IPython-dev] Sprints for IPython at Scipy India 2010

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 04:02:16 EST 2010

Hi folks,

on Friday I'll be flying out to Mumbai, India and then to Hyderabad,
to participate in this year's Scipy India conference (many thanks to
Prabhu Ramachandran and his team for the support!):


as part of the conference, we'll have a couple of days of sprints, and
a LOT of people have signed up.  Here is the sprints topics page:


I haven't added anything about IPython yet, because I wanted to first
collect ideas here on the list before going over to the site.  It's
worth noting that the Scipy India conference is part of a large and
ambitious, India-wide project to develop open source, python-based
tools for scientific education: http://fossee.in.  This means that the
seeds we plant at the conference may well grow for a while longer, as
there's a serious long-term commitment to these ideas and tools on the
part of Prabhu and the entire team around this project.

I think that with the new architecture, IPython really has a lot to
offer to this project, so it would be really good to get some of their
talent involved.  So please, if you have any ideas either comment on
this thread, or feel free to edit the wiki directly (though I'll make
sure to edit it myself later in the week with a summary of the

A few things that come to mind immediately:

- HTML5 backend support for matplotlib in the html notebook.  John
Hunter is also coming to the conference/sprints, so this would make a
perfect topic for joint work.  Though I'd love to have finished
merging James' branch before that happens...

- Website work: I'd like to move us away from the Moin wiki as our
main site into a standalone, sphinx-generated website.  The wiki could
continue to exist in a reduced form for purely wiki-type things
(cookbook recipes, etc), but the bulk of the site would be much better
as a sphinx-generated site, hopefully with a nice theme that
differentiates it visually from the standard documentation themes.

This project has the advantage of requiring less/no knowledge of the
core codebase, while being very useful to the project at large.

- Attacking any of the critical bug fixes we have listed on the site,
in particular working on the unicode mess.

- Documentation audit/update.  Our docs have fallen badly behind and
need a solid audit to identify the problems, as well as good tutorials
to be written for some of the new features (qt console, new paralllel
branch, etc).  Again, very useful and not requiring detailed knowledge
of the codebase.

- Improving test coverage (and implementing coverage reporting in the
first place, so we know where we stand).

- Auditing and triaging the bug list for obsolete/incomplete bugs that
don't apply to trunk anymore, closing them as needed.  Right now we
have a lot of 'weed growth' in the bug list.

- Commenting on the existing open pull requests so that we can move
them forward or merge if ready.

- Plus, all of the things I mentioned to Daniel as possible gsoc ideas
(the sprint time would just be a starter for that, obviously).

Thoughts, ideas on things that are achievable in a 2-day sprint?   Or
at least for which such a sprint would make a useful start?

I intend to give an overview talk of the project and a hands-on
tutorial of the workflow at the start, so that everyone there at least
gets a feel for how the gears move.  But suggestions on specific
topics that can be finished in two days starting from zero would be



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