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Mon Jul 12 23:26:04 EDT 2010

Just saw this on the 0MQ list about authentication and 0MQ.



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Hi Viet,

There is no plan to add authentication to ZeroMQ core.  However we are
developing a data plant layer above ZeroMQ, which will do secure
distribution over multicast as well as TCP.  It will use
request-response to do key distribution, and then clients will use
those keys to unlock streams of data.

The data plant layer will provide a stream-based pubsub fabric with
tools such as fork, clone, arbitrate, failover, delay, log, etc.  It
will eventually connect to feed handlers to provide a ticket plant.

This new product will be open source but we're developing it off-line
initially, i.e. with a closed community of participants.  If you are
interested in getting access to it early, drop me a line.

Pieter Hintjens

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 7:41 PM, Viet Hoang, Quant Edge
<viet.hoang at quant-edge.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are evaluating ZeroMQ to replace our existing client/server architecture.
> Our requirements are:
> 1. Clients login into the servers farm
> 2. Each client will have its own topic
> 3. Many traders/risk managers will subscribe to client topics to monitor
> trading activities
> 3. Client sends an order to Order gateway, responses & status will be
> published back to the clients and trader/risk manager screen
> The initial feedback is excellent, with its load balancing and
> publish/subscribe features, ZeroMQ simply fits our requirements. We need
> some sort of authentication mode for publish/subscribe feature, so that only
> un-authorized people cannot siphon on "topics", but I could not find it
> anywhere in the code? Do you guys have any plan to add the feature on soon?
> Cheers,
> Viet
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