[IPython-dev] correct test-suite

Thomas Spura tomspur at fedoraproject.org
Sun Jul 18 11:14:12 EDT 2010

Hi list,

I'm trying to fix the test suite at the moment and run into a problem,
I can't resolve...

There is now a Makefile, so it's nicer to run repetive tasks in the
repository, but currently there is only 'make test-suite', which should
run the test suite.
(now = in branch my_fix_test_suite at github:

One failing test pointed out, that there is a programming error in
IPython/Shell.py and is now corrected in this commit:

But now, there is a problem with test: "Test that object's __del__
methods are called on exit." in IPython/core/tests/test_run.py:146.

Before that commit, this test was simply failing. Now it seems it's in
a infinite loop and there is no progress anymore...

Does someone know, what's going on there?
(To run into this issue, run this:
'PYTHONPATH=. IPython/scripts/iptest -v IPython.core')


P.S. The same is happening with: 'PYTHONPATH=. IPython/scripts/iptest
-v IPython.extensions' the the test

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