[IPython-dev] ipython zmq GSoC

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 06:55:21 EDT 2010

Hi Omar,

2010/6/5 Omar Andrés Zapata Mesa <andresete.chaos at gmail.com>:
> ipython zmq was transferred to http://github.com/omazapa/ipython-zmq my
> mentor says not to work on the prototype I've been working instead that
> other.
> to test kernel
> http://github.com/omazapa/ipython-zmq/blob/master/IPython/kernel/kernel.py
> to run frontend
> http://github.com/omazapa/ipython-zmq/blob/master/IPython/frontend/zmq/frontend.py
> this prototype support  ipython's InteractiveShell in kernel but not yet in
> frontend, because I and dividing InteractiveShell in two parts, but this
> prototype support tab-completion perfectly.
> open in a console kernel and in other console frontend and run commands in
> frontend to test it.
> this is the protoype suggested to merge in trunk, like Fernando tell me.

Thanks for creating this while I was unavailable traveling, though it
would be better if you can change it to live in a *branch* of a real
IPython repository forked from the main IPython one.

Right now, by creating a brand new repo from scratch, it becomes
harder to connect your work to the rest of IPython.  Git supports
branches so well that there's no point in creating a brand new
repository that seems to be a fresh new project, that will only
confuse everyone.

What you want to do is make a *branch* of the IPython repo where this
work is developed.  Do you understand this?

And by the way, Gerardo should follow the same process for the qt
stuff, so that we can clearly find branches where each project is
being worked on, but that maintain a tie with the main project.

Let me know when you have these branches up and I'll review the work
and will  comment on it.



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