[IPython-dev] testing ipython-zmq

Omar Andrés Zapata Mesa andresete.chaos at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 05:08:34 EDT 2010

hi all.
some code of ipython-zmq is ready in github repo.
you can see it this way.

install firts pyzmq read howto here:

get ipython-zmq experimental code

$git clone github.com/omazapa/ipython.git

like root
#cd ipython
#python setup.py build
#python setup.py install

like a user.
you need open two terminals

terminal One:
$cd ipython/IPython/core/
$python iplib_kernel.py

terminal two:
$cd ipython/IPython/core/
$python iplib_frontend.py

-> zmq communication (using json)
-> tab completion (support magics commands, alias and imported modules very
-> ipython prompt indentation
-> colors (no in tracebacks yet)
-> ipython output capture ie:
In [1] : 2
Out [3] : 2
In [2] :_3
Out [4] : 2

-> some magics commands are working fine but we need to restructured to two

I think we need write some magics to frontend and kernel
I suggest for now:

%kernel history
%kernel reset (restore to empty kernel)
%kernel quit (close the kernel)
%kernel start (start a new kernel)
%kernel save_status session_name  (save code and variables in a file asigned
to session_file  )
%kernel load_status session_name  (load code and variables fron session_name
%kernel restore  (restore last log, it if kernel fail and crash )

%frontend quit
%frontend colors colors_type

Note: remember that it is just a experimental code.

Best wishes.
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