[IPython-dev] Curses Frontend

Walter Dörwald walter at livinglogic.de
Fri Mar 5 06:27:01 EST 2010

On 04.03.10 14:40, Wendell Smith wrote:
> Hello,
> I have decided to implement a curses frontend to ipython.
> My main goals:
>   - complete functionality of standard ipython - magics, history, etc.
>   - automatic display of completion, not requiring the tab key - tab key 
> fills it in
>   - automatic display of docstrings, not requiring the '?' key
>   - zero pollution of output by docstrings/help (easier to read through 
> history)
>   - syntax highlighting of input lines as well as output (using 
> ipython's color scheme)
> [...]
> Please reply with any comments or suggestions! Also, if anyone is 
> already working on something like this, or would like to help me, I 
> would love to hear that!

IPython contains some curses functionality (in the ipipe module). To
check it out, do

   >>> from ipipe import *
   >>> ils

Documentation can be found here http://ipython.scipy.org/moin/UsingIPipe

It would be great if your curses frontend still supported ipipe.


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