[IPython-dev] Curses Frontend

Toni Alatalo antont at an.org
Tue Mar 9 12:11:11 EST 2010

Fernando Perez kirjoitti:
> hammering design specifics, so that we can get both a curses and a qt
> frontend that share as much of the core machinery as possible.

Sounds great. I'm working on Python support in a Qt using app myself (it 
embeds py) and don't have a console there yet (am using a file as a 
replacement..), so will definitely test that at some point.

For the text mode version, I don't have first hand experience of neither 
  curses nor Urwid development, but it Urwid seems nice and I have heard 
good things about it from others who have developed using it. It seems 
to have no deps aside from py itself - I'd think something to consider.

> f


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