[IPython-dev] Qt/Curses interfaces future: results of the weekend mini-sprint (or having fun with 0mq)

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 23 17:46:34 EDT 2010

Fernando Perez wrote:
> The basic issue we need to solve is the ability to have out-of-process
> interfaces that are efficient, simple to develop,  and that support
> fully asynchronous operation.

This is absolutely fabulous!

> We want the user-facing client (be it readline-, curses- or qt-based)

or wx-based?

Do you have any idea when this might be ready to mess around with for us 
more casual users? i.e. integrated with iPython

Also, if I read this right, you're building a tool that should be used 
every python IDE out there -- most of which greatly suffer from the 
in-process model.


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