[IPython-dev] What is the status of iPython+wx?

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 13:10:33 EDT 2010


> There was a thread here fairly recently about the re-structuring of how
> iPython works with GUI toolkit event loops.

Yes, you saw that.

> IIUC, it's going to require a bit for special code in the GUI programs,
> so that they don't try to start multiple app instances, etc.
> What is the status of this?

We have not fixed the issue.  But, it is only an issue with
matplotlib/traits.  If you are developing your own wxpython code you
definitely should use dev trunk and look at the %gui magic.  We also
have some details about how it works in the nightly docs.  The dev
version is *much* more stable that 0.10 for this type of thing.

Let us know how it goes.



> I'd like to use iPython for my wxPython development, and the current
> multi-threading mode isn't all that robust (though it mostly works). Is
> this a good time to upgrade to a devel version and start plugging away?
> or is it not really ready for daily use yet.
> One of my thoughts is that I could work on the boilerplate code required
> to run a wx app with the new iPython, and if the timing is right, get it
> into the next wxPython release ( which is coming "soon" ).
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