[IPython-dev] New ipythonqt console questions/feedback

Erik Tollerud erik.tollerud at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 19:59:16 EDT 2010

I just switched over to the trunk with the merged-in newkernel and
have been playing around with the ipythonqt console.  Let me begin by
saying: wow!  Thanks to all those involved in implementing this - it's
a huge step forward in usability and looks really great.  I'd love to
switch over to it as my primary ipython environment.  However, there
are some things I haven't quite been able to figure out.  So consider
each of these either a "how can I do this?" or a feature request (or
at least a request as to whether or not it's on the todo list, in case
I am inclined to try to implement it myself).

* Is it possible to execute the new-style ipython profiles when
ipythonqt starts?  Looking at the ipythonqt main, it doesn't look to
me like it's in there, but seems potentially pretty straightforward.
This is the most crucial change for me as I have a lot of things that
I want loaded by default (especially "from __future__ import division"
* Is there a way to adjust any of the keybindings, or add new ones?
* If not, is it possible to tie ctrl-D to the exit() function?  I
think a lot of people used to the python terminal expect ctrl-D to be
available to quit the terminal, so it might be a nice option to add
in.  Ideally, it would also just quit, skipping over the yes/no dialog
that exit() triggers with an automatic yes.  I understand, though, if
that is just to be too easy to accidentally do.
* Unlike the terminal ipython, it seems that command history does not
persist if I close out of ipythonqt and come back in.  Is this
intentional?  I find it to be a highly useful feature...
* Is the parallel computing environment (ipcluser,ipcontroller, etc.)
now based on the zmq kernel?  My understanding was that one of the
motivations for zmq was to get rid of the twisted dependency - is that
now in place, or is that still a work in progress?

Thanks again for the hard work - I can already tell this will be a
wonderful tool!

Erik Tollerud

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