[IPython-dev] New ipythonqt console questions/feedback

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 18:37:22 EDT 2010

On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 7:20 PM, MinRK <benjaminrk at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't think it's as hard as you make it sound.
> I just changed the close dialog so it has 3 options:
> a) full shutdown,
> b) only close console,
> c) Cancel; forget we ever met.
> I only added case b), and it's just a few lines.
> see here:
> http://github.com/minrk/ipython/commit/cdb78a95f99540790cdf7960e52941d2ef1af2a3
> The only thing that *doesn't* seem to work, is that you have to ctrl-C or
> some such to terminate the original Qt process if you close the original
> console.  Other consoles can shutdown the kernel later, but the process
> doesn't die.
> Note: this is really a proof of concept.  Yes/No/Cancel is generally not a
> good dialog if you want things to be clear.

Thanks for the test.  The problem you note may be perhaps that you're
not emitting the right signal?  I'm not sure, my Qt-fu is pretty

But the reason I said it could be a startup flag was because I had
understood that something had to be done differently *at
initialization* if we wanted to bypass the logic Evan had added.

Was I mistaken in that understanding?  I didn't write that code so I'm
not sure right now...



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