[IPython-dev] Pull request workflow...

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 13:14:21 EDT 2010

> - keep the work on your branch completely confined to one specific
> topic, bugfix or feature implementation.  Git branches are cheap and
> easy to make, do *not* mix in one branch more than one topic.  If you
> do, you force the reviewer to disentangle unrelated functionality
> scattered across multiple commits.  This doesn't mean that a branch
> can't touch multiple files or have many commits, simply that all the
> work in a branch should be related to one specific 'task', be it
> refactoring, cleanup, bugfix, feature implementation, whatever.  But:
> 'one task, one branch'.


This is perhaps the most important thing.

> - *Never* merge back from trunk into your feature branch.

along with:

> If you absolutely need to merge something from trunk (because it has
> fixes you need for your own work), then rebase on top of trunk before
> making your pull request, so that your branch applies cleanly on top
> of trunk as a self-contained unit without criss-crossing.




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