[IPython-dev] Pull request workflow...

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Wed Oct 13 07:21:56 EDT 2010

Op den Middeweken 13 Oktober 2010 Klock 06:38:38 hett Ariel Rokem schreven:
> What I am currently thinking is that the reviewer can decide whether the
> merge causes the history to be so messy such that they cannot understand
> and review the commits in the pull request. I think that this makes sense,
> because if the history is messed up so badly that it can't be easily
> reviewed now, it will only be more difficult to understand in a couple of
> months, or in a year.

Very good point.

> This would be equivalent to some of the decisions
> that reviewers make about code style and clarity.

..and a good analogy.

> I think that the same should apply to the git
> history that would result from the pull. [...] If it actually makes review
> of the code difficult, send a message to the contributor, preferably with 
some direction on how to fix it and how not to do it again, much the same as 
you would for a contribution that contains stylistic errors. Just a thought.

Well spoken.

Let's apply the same reasoning to the DAG as to the code itself; try to accept 
only good stuff, but don't scare off newbies with valuable contributions 
(instead, educate them).

Have a nice day,

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