[IPython-dev] Jython support in ipython

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 19:35:12 EDT 2010

On 23 October 2010 00:04, <ipython-dev-request at scipy.org> wrote:

> Trying a little bit more by disabling that version check, I discovered that
> at least 2.6's support of print as a function, instead of a statement, is
> used. Now Jython 2.6 work kicked off just this week, so hopefully we don't
> really need 2.6. Jython 2.5 does have two key 2.6 features that you might
> be
> using: 1) full mutable ast support (through the ast module, used by sympy's
> support); 2) class decorators. (We also have namedtuple.)
> Maybe for Jython this is just a matter of isolating the print function? It
> doesn't seem to be used in too many places.

Just to chime in here, we have been working on the principle that ipython
0.11 would depend on Python 2.6 or later, and I've been 'modernising' the
code base a bit, to fit in with my Python 3 branch of ipython. I'm sorry if
this makes your life harder. Off the top of my head, though, I think most if
not all of my changes should be compatible with 2.5.

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