[IPython-dev] Min: Cmd-P/Ctrl-P for new print code question..

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 16:06:49 EDT 2010

Hey Min,

in console/console_widget.py:

e11b615e (MinRK          2010-10-18 16:34:07 -0700  170)         #
Configure actions.
e11b615e (MinRK          2010-10-18 16:34:07 -0700  171)
action = QtGui.QAction('Print', None)
e11b615e (MinRK          2010-10-18 16:34:07 -0700  172)
e11b615e (MinRK          2010-10-18 16:34:07 -0700  173)
e11b615e (MinRK          2010-10-18 16:34:07 -0700  174)
e11b615e (MinRK          2010-10-18 16:34:07 -0700  175)
e11b615e (MinRK          2010-10-18 16:34:07 -0700  176)
self._print_action = action

you added in line 173 the default print keybinding to the Print
action.  One problem that introduces is that it overwrites the
keybinding we had for Ctrl-P, which was equivalent to 'smart up arrow'
(history-aware).  Since that keybinding has been there for a long
time, is consistent with the terminal and we want to preserve as much
similarity as reasonable with habits from the terminal, we need to
change this.  I think a reasonable compromise is to make:

Ctrl-P -> 'smart up arrow'
Ctrl-Shift-P -> Print

But I don't want to make any changes, as I don't know if on the Mac,
there is no problem.  I don't know if on the mac, Control-p and Cmd-p
are different, so that Ctrl-p remains as before and only Cmd-p goes to

If that's the case, then we should probably leave it as you did for
the Mac, and only change the keybinding for Linux/windows (which don't
have a separate Cmd key).




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