[IPython-dev] Starting to plan for 0.11 (this time for real)

Erik Tollerud erik.tollerud at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 20:55:33 EDT 2010

+1 on removing Twisted (mostly from a user perspective) - I've had a
number of different strange dependency problems with Twisted while
trying to get IPython working on a cluster, so ditching it entirely
would make such things easier for experimenting with .11

With that in mind, I'm in the early stages of developing a small
application intended for use on the aforementioned cluster.  I'd like
to write it for use with .11 instead of .10 if possible (thinking of
it partly as a test case to help with debugging .11).  Because of the
network setup and the possible need for remote collaborator input, the
ideal situation would be to use the html frontend to get at the
cluster.  But that's a non-starter if there's no authentication - is
it at all realistic to try for the html frontend with authentication
in .11 (presumably w/ Tornado, based on the above discussion)?

Erik Tollerud

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