[IPython-dev] Starting to plan for 0.11 (this time for real)

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 14:19:57 EDT 2010

On 31 October 2010 17:00, <ipython-dev-request at scipy.org> wrote:

> I am just wondering if, from the point
> of view of the end user, it is not worth waiting another 6 months to have
> things stabilize a bit more. Release an 'alpha', or 'technology preview'
> might be a better message to give.

I'll just chime in on this: if we make an official 'release', so we put out
0.11 and continue development towards 0.12, it is possible that
distributions will package it as an upgrade, no matter how clearly we say
"not ready for production." This happened quite prominently with KDE 4.0:
once it reached 'final release', it got out to users, then suffered a
backlash because it wasn't really ready. Obviously IPython isn't quite as
high profile as KDE, so it may be easier to avoid that sort of debacle. But
there is something to be said for calling things alphas/betas if that's what
they are.

I'm not saying that I think we should or shouldn't make a release. But I can
see the argument against it.

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