[IPython-dev] user_variables/expressions ready in kernel

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 23:21:44 EDT 2010


I've added user_variables/expressions to _execute() in ipython_widget,
but the caller in parent_class.execute() doesn't have these
parameters, so for now they are dead.  I wasn't quite sure given the
ConsoleWidget/IPythonWidget hierarchy how you wanted to handle this
part of the API, which is somewhat ipython-specific.  I'd suggest we
promote this idea even to the normal non-iptyhon widget, since the
idea of fetching names/expressions from a running interpreter is not
ipython-specific.  But I wasn't sure in how many places through the Qt
code I'd have to chage things, so I didn't touch it.  But the kernel
is now correctly processing and returning values for these fields.

This should be pushed shortly (I'm still cleaning up some), but I
wanted to record this for you while it's fresh in my head.

We can go over the details tomorrow, but I did test it manually and
now those fields behave as per the messaging spec.

I'll now implement the object_info details, and the get/setattr calls.



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