[IPython-dev] [Announcement] Imminent removal of IPython.kernel in favor of new IPython.parallel

MinRK benjaminrk at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 18:05:22 EDT 2011

Attn: users of IPython.kernel,

gist: IPython.kernel will be removed from master this week, by this
Pull Request on GitHub:

We have been working hard on the new 0MQ-based interactive parallel
computing tools, which should be merged into master very soon.  Part
of this transition is the complete removal of the twisted-based
IPython.kernel package.  This removal should happen in the next week,
so this serves as fair warning to anyone using IPython.kernel from git
master - it's about to disappear.

The main reason for not keeping IPython.kernel in 0.11 as a deprecated
package is the revised configuration system also added in 0.11.  It
would require significant work to bring the kernel code up to date,
and we are not prepared to spend the necessary time and effort fixing
a package that we intend to remove soon anyway.

For information on the new IPython.parallel, see the revised docs:

To test the current state of the code, it is found in the
'newparallel' branch of the main IPython git repo on GitHub.

Which will be moved to the main doc location once newparallel is
merged into master in the next week or two.

-Min RK

A disclaimer, because I have been asked about this before, and don't
want to do the Twisted folks a disservice: While our new code is much
faster than our Twisted code, most of the reasons for that are design
decisions *we* made in the old code, not issues with Twisted itself.

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