[IPython-dev] [Announcement] Imminent removal of IPython.kernel in favor of new IPython.parallel

Satrajit Ghosh satra at mit.edu
Mon Apr 4 18:35:00 EDT 2011

hi min,

great work on the parallel stuff. a few questions though:

regarding using ipclusterz with pbs/sge/torque, i think the parallel docs
refer to the old style of the user providing a template, but this is
actually not necessary right? (at least from my cursory look at the code, it
seems to contain the 0.10.1 upgrade to generate a default template)

also are you planning to include the options from the 0.10.1 series? (e.g.,
-e for ssh, -q for the queues, lsf support). if not, i'll try to create
those when i have some time unless somebody gets to them before i do.



On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 6:05 PM, MinRK <benjaminrk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Attn: users of IPython.kernel,
> gist: IPython.kernel will be removed from master this week, by this
> Pull Request on GitHub:
> https://github.com/ipython/ipython/pull/325
> We have been working hard on the new 0MQ-based interactive parallel
> computing tools, which should be merged into master very soon.  Part
> of this transition is the complete removal of the twisted-based
> IPython.kernel package.  This removal should happen in the next week,
> so this serves as fair warning to anyone using IPython.kernel from git
> master - it's about to disappear.
> The main reason for not keeping IPython.kernel in 0.11 as a deprecated
> package is the revised configuration system also added in 0.11.  It
> would require significant work to bring the kernel code up to date,
> and we are not prepared to spend the necessary time and effort fixing
> a package that we intend to remove soon anyway.
> For information on the new IPython.parallel, see the revised docs:
> http://minrk.github.com/ipython-doc/newparallel/parallelz
> To test the current state of the code, it is found in the
> 'newparallel' branch of the main IPython git repo on GitHub.
> Which will be moved to the main doc location once newparallel is
> merged into master in the next week or two.
> -Min RK
> A disclaimer, because I have been asked about this before, and don't
> want to do the Twisted folks a disservice: While our new code is much
> faster than our Twisted code, most of the reasons for that are design
> decisions *we* made in the old code, not issues with Twisted itself.
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